Self-sustaining Travel


  • As Traveler
    Travel where ever

    We’ll find you the perfect host. Anywhere.

    Trade your skills

    Trade your talents, knowledge and skills for food, stay and adventure.

    Make your trip epic

    Immerse yourself in local culture. Experience the world in its truest form.

  • As Host
    Attract global talent

    Find talent for your specific need from the world over.

    Trade for experience

    Barter stay, food, transport and humanity for skill. No Money needed.

    Realize your aspirations

    Build your network, accomplish your goals and create everlasting experiences.



Information Security

Phone and email contact details are never shared. Period!


Validation of identity and contact details are made mandatory. Human and machine checks are performed on every profile.

Community Trust

Intuitive review based ratings to encourage healthy and productive synergy. We allow instant reporting of any untoward behavior.


Hitchkite is a travel and humanity platform conceptualized and developed by two childhood friends who share a common passion for travel, food and time-honored human interaction. Several years of backpacking and business travel across the globe has given us the inspiration to come up with Hitchkite so wanderlusts like us can experience travel and culture in its truest form.

We incorporate the best aspects of travel, barter, and humanity, while still prioritizing safety on one platform. All this with a negligible financial strain on the traveler and host. Our product is truly special as its foundation lies in enriching what travel has to offer to both the traveler and the locals alike.

Travel is beautiful and has opened up a world of opportunities - it has made us better human beings, we want to extend the same and more to the world!


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